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Let's create a city and its kindred population from scratch, with partial/full character sheets for the vampires and others in this city. ST's are welcome to use any/all/some of this in their own games however they see fit - this is a fanmade repository of ideas and characters, nothing more.

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Please see the Prince's page for an example of formatting. I'm working on creating a template to make this an easier and more uniform process. As long as all of the information is present, formatting can happen after.


The Camarilla

The Independents

The Anarchs

The Sabbat

The Clans

The Kine

The Meta Plot

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Our city is a coastal city somewhere in the eastern United States. Founded shortly after our country was first settled within a few hundred miles of New York City, it's grown rapidly from trade and manufacturing. It suffered a setback in the 1800's when Norfolk replaced it as the east coast's principal naval city, but has recovered into a strong medium-sized city of culture and old-school values. Perhaps too old-school, as old businesses clash with new ideas and technologies and thus unemployment has steadily begun to rise, leading to a slow rise in crime.