Maxine's past is shrouded in mystery. No one is quite sure where she was embraced or when (signs point to somewhere around the late 1700's), but she arrived as an ancillae with the correct backing and pedigree and immediately made a splash in Boston's political scene. The activities of the elders tired her out, and she set up shop in our coastal city in the late 1800's. She quickly rose to the top due to a combination of powerful backing, Influence, and a disturbing habit of knowing the right strings to pull at the right time - becoming Prince only thirty years after her arrival. Now she holds the seat of power in our coast city with an iron glove. Her peers in this city question how a vampire so comparatively young as her could have the backing of the elders that she has, but to this she laughs and says nothing.

Dexterity Charisma Perception
Stamina Manipulation Intelligence
Dexterity Appearance Wits
Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Dominate 4 Conscience
Fortitude 3 Self-Control
Presence 5 Courage
Obtenebration 4
Potence 3
Auspex 2
Obfuscate 2
Humanity Willpower